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Thanks for your concern. I agree with your views but there financial and other considerations.

Here is the plan - buy a used Trapper for the short term ($175). When I get the cash, buy a Marlin Guide Gun in .45/70 to replace the Trapper. When I can afford it, send that Guide Gun to Jim West in Anchorage for a Co-Pilot conversion.
When I was mauled in November, my partner shot the bear off me with a .300 mag. He shot her twice. Once through the body from side to side - he thinks perhaps through the rear of the lungs or in that vicinity (he couldn't shoot her any farther forward out of fear of hitting me).
The bear then charged him and he shot her in the chest and she broke off and ran. She was still alive several days later and attacked another party of hunters.
I tell you this to show that foot pounds of energy don't mean a thing to a brown bear. This was only a sow that probably didn't go more than 800 pounds. The boars weigh twice that.
These attacks happen furiously fast. These bears can outrun a race horse in the short haul and when they attack, theres generally no warning.
I'm convinced that a pistol is a useless piece of metal where these big bears are concerned. If you want to stop one, you've got to hit him in the head. Bigger is better but I'd honestly rather have a .45 colt trapper than a .376 H&H with a 3x9 scope - the carbine will allow you place a precise shot at close range where the .375 is only good as a blind point shooter at that range.
The .45/70 Marlin is the best of both worlds and thats where I'll go eventually when I can afford it.

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