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I would be interested in the source of the Winchester data you mention, giving the SAAMI pressure for the .45 Colt at 30,000 psi. I was unable to find this on the Winchester site.

I did find these data on M D Smith's Reloading pages:

Under the listing for the .45 Colt, I found some data on pressures. Here is the URL:

Quote from the above URL:

SAAMI pressures for STANDARD .45 Colt is 14,000 PSI MAXIMUM, but
for Ruger and T/C levels in the 20,000 to 25,000 range are
considered more the norm.

Mr. Smith goes on to say that the Win 1894 can handle pressures similar to those used in the TC and Ruger firearms. I would proceed with great caution, and agree with Mr. Smith's later comment on the page from which I quoted, where he says that you should not try to make a .45 Colt into a .44 mag. If you want a .44 mag in the '94 Winchester, buy one; don't try to hot load a very old case designed for low pressures.

Good luck, and stay safe, Walt
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