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hal becker
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went out this weekend and fired 100 rds of
147 gr FMJ thru a Romanian Wum-1, AK semi,
I used 27 grs BLC-2 with winchester brass
and primers, I was a little afraid of slam fires but none happened, some one dumped a
truck bumper and used it for target, against
a burmed hill,100 yards, bullets went thru
1/4 inch steel, and groups where in 6 inch
range with 4x scope,thats as good as I can
shoot even with russian ammo,only found a few
bullets after digging alot, pretty deep
rifling for bullets under sized, I did shoot
some fast, i can;t see any gas cutting in
barrel,maybe the chrome is harder, bullets
were all seated so they'd work in mag, but
theres alot of room with powder charge,over
all I was pleased with this load, I don't
own a chronograph, I should then we'd all
know FPS with this bullet,its not a hunting
load, just a plinking load, oh and I brought the bumper home to show wife,
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