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kymasabe ,

I'd get a second opinion on that multiple warning shots & home invaders. LEOs are just people, and often wrong about what they think is the law. I've had multiple disagreements with LEOs where I work, concerning rules & procedures, and I every case, I was correct & they were incorrect. And that's understandable, they have to deal with a huge volume of ever changing info, and nobody can keep up with it all.
Warning shots just seem wrong. First, you're not supposed to even draw the gun unless you're in fear of life of severe bodily harm. So why a warning at that point? Second, you're putting a round off into the unknown & may kill or injure an innocent person blocks away ( or in the apartment upstairs with ceiling shots ). Shot straight up have been known to come back down & kill. I understand that's common on the Middle East, when they start shooting into the air & a large crowd is around.

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