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There is a brief mention of the cartridge in P.O. Ackley's "Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders, Volume 2" on page 119. The quoted ballistics are around the .223 Remington level, but the barrel length is not mentioned. (Approach historical reloading data sources like this with extreme caution.)

The text mentions that Clymer once made the chamber reamers and RCBS offered custom dies. It is conceivable that both might still have the diamensional specs on hand. The case looks like it has a 40 degree shoulder, no body taper, and a decent amount of neck length.

If you used the 45gr flat points designed for the .218 Bee, you should be able to convert a lever action carbine. In something like the Ruger 96/44 and 77/44, I suspect that your bullet selection would still be limited by the short OAL needed to fit in the magazine.
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