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I've already gone over it in my head many times

I'd first locate my target (terrorist BG). I'd then unholster my 686P 6" with super hot handloads. Then I'd do a shoulder barrel roll on the floor and take refuge behind Cinnabon kiosk. I'd take the first guy out with a head shot. Then I'd shimmy downj the giant Xmas tree in the skating rink, make my way behind the SunGlass Hut stand and take out the next two perps with chest shot to one and a leg shot to the other. I'd then take their weapons (AKs presumably). I'd interogate the one I injured to get the postions of any IEDs. I would then alert bomb squad to locations.

At that time I would set aside an hour for TV interviews and taking #s from hot babes who think I rule.

Pretty straight forward.
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