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The dies all have the same tread these days so any New Dies you buy will fit any of the Newer Presses. ( I think most standardized in the 50's or 60's) Cost is around $25.00 less if you shop around.
Brass can be picked up at nearly any gun show at fairly low cost.
Remember nominal Groove Diameter of the .303 Brit. is .312. not .308. Most bullet makers in this country make bullets for the .303 british.
The easiest powder to use that my book shows is Hodgdon H-380, just because Ball powders meter so nice in the powder measure.

the 150 grain Speer bullet starts at 42.0 grains of H-380 (2309 fps)and max is 47.0 grains (2570 fps)

180 grain Remington bullet starts at 41 grain H-380 (2127 fps) and max is 45.0 grains (2369 fps)

215 grain Remington bullet starts at 40.0 grains (2028 FPS) and max is 43.0 Grains (2150 fps)

This data is from the Lyman 47th Reloading book I would suggest that this book is a good buy for any reloader. Buy the 48th if it is out.

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