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Hilton, I'm one of those guys who, of necessity, must put on and take off my weapon frequently during the day. I can't legally carry at work (I'm a college instructor), but I can and do carry everywhere else. Like many, I agree that a belt holster is generally much more secure and likely more comfortable than any paddle. I tried a variety of paddle holsters by Galco, Bianchi and various others with no luck. Very recently, however, I finally came across one that really does work perfectly. In fact, it is unquestionably the most reliable and comfortable holster I've ever owned, bar none. It is the MSP made by Kramer Handgun Leather ( ). MSP stands for "Michigan State Patrol." Kramer designed this holster specifically for the plaincloths officers of that organization, and the department purchases them in quantity from Kramer. One of the many things I like about this holster is that it comes with a removable snap strap that fits under and over the belt to give additional security. The holster positively will not come out of your pants when you draw the weapon, which could indeed be rather embarassing in a confrontation . These holsters are not cheap by any means, but then, good equipment rarely is. The cowhide version runs $120, and the horsehide version $135. Each holster is formed specifically to fit a single weapon, so don't expect to use it in "one size fits all mode." I own two of these, one for my S&W 637, and the other for my Glock 33 and use one or the other on virtually a daily basis.
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