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Maybe not to much an issue here....??

Well, First of all we live in rural NE Ohio. Smallish farming town with a population of about 4-5 thousand. The nearest town with any "sizeable population that could be even remotely organized into a threat" is 25 miles away. I highly doubt that in this type of situation the "rioters" would be able to organize a convoy of vehicles and head this way, much less come in on foot.

If it something does manage to head this way, it is not beyond the realm of reality for this small community to band together in cooperation with local L.E. and secure the 7 main roads in and out. Other than that they would have to cross very large areas of cropland. Not a smart thing around here with all the "good 'ol boys". (and gals)

Should the situation become less than desireable for the family and myself we would load up all the goods and head for the in-laws. This is about 8 miles away surrounded by LOTS of open farmland. Supplies are not an issue as they and we already keep lots of gear on hand for the very real possibility of a monster blizzard. With our gear and their local neighbors we could sit tight for a month easily and defend the AO with no problem.......

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