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I still have the last ROE card I got, all it says

If the situation permits, issue a challenge.

Nothing in these rules limit the right of individual soldiers to defend themselves or the right and responsibility of leaders to defend thier units.

Rule no 6. Do not cause unnecessary suffering.....hrmmm

I f you have broken out the firearm you have just used deadly force. In Texas, if you say stop or I am going to shoot you just used deadly force even if your pistol is holstered. So whats the dealie with a warning shot, its totally useless. Not to mention the fact that you are responsible for what that bullet does from the warning shot. Bullets should be put in the target not shot willy nilly into the air. If the guy is running with his back to me I have caused him to cease and desist. If he is of no immediate danger then I have accomplished what I needed to do. My knees are bad so I am not chasing him..but using the cell phone to call 911 with a description.

let the Motorolas chase him down....
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