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Are we discussing a hurricane or a football mob? For the love of Pete, guys; there is a HUGE difference. What the heck are you going to do with a hurricane...sit there and shoot at the F4 tornados the thing spawns? Try buckshot on a 20-foot storm surge? Get a grip.

Yes, you should have food, water, medicine, propane, etc., including ammunition, set away for a natural disaster. I am still working on building that up, because it is an expensive thing to do. We are in much better shape on that than we were this time six months ago, thanks to what I learned from Rita, and will continue to get more prepared. Before next year's hurricane season we will buy a generator, I hope. Whether you stay or go depends FIRST AND FOREMOST on whether you are in a storm surge area or flood plain. IF YOU ARE, THEN GET OUT. Ignore the bravado that says "stay". The storm surge doesn't give a crap how well armed you are; it will DROWN YOU. (gets off soap box).

But mob violence? We are meant to defend ourselves. Of course we are. My house might or might not be the most defensible position. The issue is not my "stuff". The issue is my safety and that of my family. If my house is not as defensible as somewhere else, then I'll go somewhere else if I can. I am not going to be thinking I can hole up in a wood-frame house against a mob though, guys....that fire thing works on more houses than just the little old lady's down the street. (Wait! Most of my neighbors think of ME as the 'little old lady'!!! ) Survival, not stuff, is the key.

At any rate, y'all please pick a topic and stick to it, or start a different thread and separate the two or something....

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