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thoughts on carrying in church

Islamic terrorists are not actually high on my worry list, at church or otherwise. They have a nasty tendency to do things the cowardly way... sneaking around with explosives and blowing people up. However, disgruntled current or former members or relatives of members are another thing altogether. It is sadly not unheard of here in Texas for loonies who are mad at the preacher or at the treasurer or someone to bring their gun and dispatch any number of people at the church, either during worship services or at other times. THAT is enough of a threat to carry unless a 30.06 sign is posted.

My CHL instructor also taught us that we were not allowed to carry, but it is in fact true that we are. His comment was "if you go to a church where you need a gun, you need to find another church". Well, if there is a church that is absolutely immune to craziness, I've yet to hear of it (including my own!)

That said, I can also see that there are those who do not wish to carry and certainly would not feel it appropriate in church, and that's fine. God forbid some loony ex-member goes berserk, I would deal with it and then accept the penance that would follow.

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