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Okay, everyone seems to agree with me , warning shots bad idea.

well, it used to be I think before the lawyers brought in all these so called civil-rights for those poor not-so innocent criminals, you could shoot a perpetrator as he was running away (at least police could). A robbery or violent crime was committed Police wanted to question some thug, they take off running, they have obviously done something wrong...otherwise why run. If they spot someone mugging someone and they take off, popum one if they don't halt. It makes sense to me. the police can't just let them get away, can't always run after them, what if they are faster runners than the cop, what if the cop does run them down, tackles them and they pull a knife and stick the cop. as they are running, they put other innocent people in danger while they are loose, best to just stop them there wounding them possible but stop them never the less.
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