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Tim, if it is the Master Reloading Kit I'm looking at here, it looks fairly complete to get you going. If this is your first shot at reloading, read that excellent Speer manual that comes with it cover to cover first. Everyone has their own preferences with regard to equipment brand,types,progressive verses single stage presses and the amount of equipment needed. With this set you might want to get a calipers to measure case lengths for trimming purposes and of course a good quality set of dies. The RockChucker press is a real tank. Powder,primers and bullets will be listed for each load in the manual. Be aware the 7.62X39 uses Two different bullet diameters. In the Mini-30 I believe, .308 dia. bullets are used, in the SKS rifles I believe it is a larger diameter bullet.(.311 I think). This will be explained in the manual. With some experimentation at the reloading bench (WITH RECOMMENDED LOADS) and at the range, you should be able to develop some accurate loads in time. But, that's the fun of handloading.

Are we having fun yet?
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