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I'm new to this board and could use some help. I have a lot of straight wall reloading experience, but virtually none with bottleneck pistol (.357 SIG). I have heard and read that you must be careful as to which 9 mm bullets are used because a long bearing surface is needed for this case to grip the bullet properly. Can anyone recommend some specific bullets/suppliers? Also, I'm going to be using an RCBS die set. The instructions with it make reference to special taper crimp die sets available for semi-auto cartridges. My die set IS NOT the taper crimp variety. Since I keep hearing about the short bullet gripping surface of the .357 SIG, I'm getting a little nervous. Can I use this standard die set effectively? Will it give the necessary grip on the bullet without a taper crimp? If not, what are my options? Any other hints, etc? Thanks for any and all info - I do appreciate it.

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