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You know Doug, you might want to consider changing churches or only hang out with those folks in the church like-minded with you. Your fellow church goers apparently have a fear of being attacked by Islamic terrorists, but aren't going to be bothered with getting training, getting a CHL, defending themselves or anyone else. From the sounds of it, they aren't going to be aiding you either. They just want to sit back and not worry about things because they will be able to relax knowing you will fight to protect them.

Chances are, Doug, that your fellow church members fear of being attacked by Islamic terrorists is not terribly justified compared to more common threats here in the US. If you do a few Google searches on key terms such as church and murder, attack, burn, bomb, domestic dispute, shooting, etc., most dangerous threats are usually by a person or persons who have a particlar problem with the church itself or members of the congregation. The only terroristic attacks on US churches that I know about are those burning and bombing events between the 1950s and 1990s, many of which were the product of domestic terrorism such as by the KKK. That isn't to say that the church won't be attacked by Islamic terrorists, only that such a possibility hasn't happened yet here in the US, but many other types have happened and continue to happen.

As for folks being offended by carrying in church, they should have no reason to be offended if you do a proper job of keeping your gun concealed. They won't be offended by that which they have no knowledge.
LOL, I do see your point. Good point. However, the people who say this aren't dead serious about me carrying in church for their protection. They offer it is a good idea. (with a "hey that's cool" attitude) But you do pose the obvious question "if it is such a good idea, why don't you do it."
In a way this illustrates my reasons for being against the whole concept have having to have a CHL. Personally, I think everyone has a right to bare arms (adults that is), it is the basic right to self defense and is not a something the state should give or take a way from you. What we have now with CHL creates, in a way and in some degree or another, this psychology among people and even some CHLers that they are something special, kind of an elite mentality of a sort. I think if everyone were allowed to excercise the right of carry (openly if desired) all this fear (unwarrented fear) of guns would die out and subjects, such as the ones we are discussing, wouldn't be necessary. Cars can be dangerous if used wrongly (even more dangerous than a gun as I see it), but we take for granted that most people will use them properly and drive together with others on streets and highways every day without giving it a second thought. While we do have drivers licenses, it is little more than a tax on me. I didn't learn how to drive from the state, I learned from my mother and father. The state class didn't teach me how to shoot or how to handle a gun, I learned from my dad.
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