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Big John; I am apalled to find that you are working with a very high pressure cartridge with a lack of knowledge as to finding reloading information.

NEVER take anyone's word for a load; use manufacturer's data only.

First, be sure of which cartridge you are working . The nomenclature '9x23' is imprecise, as was shown by Rob's post; I doubt very much that you are working with the antique 9mm. Largo. Remember also that the .38 Auto and .38 Super are also 9 x 23mm.

You want data for the 9 x 23mm. Winchester.
The FIRST place to look is the manufacturer. Check out, and you will find a wealth of information, including a reloading manual downloadable in .pdf format. You can even download the Adobe Reader if you don't have the ability to work with the .pdf format. The reloading manual has four loads for the 9 x 23mm Winchester!!

Second, check with the NRA. Just e-mail them and they will give you what data they have.

Third; telephone or e-mail the other component manufacturers, especially those who publish data for other manufacturers' components, such as Hodgdon; I have done this to get data not included in their latest manual. Lyman is also another good source for these data. Always use the latest data available; most recent data are generated using the piezoelectric method; these data are much more accurate than the old crusher method data. Winchester dramatically changed their recommendations for the 9 x 19mm Parabellum when they tested the cartridge with the piezoelectric method several years ago (they revised loads downward).

For other firearms related questions, shooter's gunlinks is a good site with links to many different sites (including Winchester). Here is the URL:

Hope this helps. Walt Welch, reloader since 1955. NRA Life Member
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