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Okay, this one took me a while and I'm still not sure I got it right.
Is it the 9x23 aka the 9mm Largo ?? If so, here is the info you are looking for:

OR, is it 9x23 Winchester? then try this:
(from winchester)

Handgun Data-9x23mm Winchester
Charge Weight Velocity Pressure
Bullet Weight & Type Powder in Grains (fps)
125 grains JHP 231 5.3 1180 38,000 psi
125 grains JHP 231 6.3 1300 46,000 psi
125 grains JHP WAP 6.3 1180 34,000 psi
125 grains JHP WAP 8.4 1435 46,000 psi

If it was the 9x23 Winchester you are looking for, the article was in G&A and a summary of it can be found here:

If those aren't it, let me know... I'll keep looking.

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