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When loading for the AR-15 or any Gas Gun, we have found that H335 is hard to beat, Winchester 748 is also a good powder in the Gas Guns. We get less carbon build up on the gas tube and bolt, as we do with other powders. As for a load that is very accurate in a Gas Gun try 25.5 gr. H335 - 55gr. Hornady V-MAX - Winchester Small Rifle Primer - Government Case - OAL 2.210 or try 26.0gr. H335 - 50gr. Hornady V-MAX - Winchester Small Rifle Primer - Government Case - OAL 2.200.

The government cases seem to hold up better than commercial cases, but when using government cases back the powder charge down 10% below that you see listed in loading manuals for commercial cases. This is due to less case volume in the government case as in the commercial case.

When loading for any Gas Gun always Full Length Size using a Small Base Sizing Die & always use a Head Space Gauge to setup your Loading Dies before loading or you WILL get Dangerous Slamfires.

Your 1/9 Twist will shoot all bullet weights accurately. We do not recommend anything below 50gr. for any 1/7 twist. Remember you do not need a heavy bullet for a fast twist! You do need the fast twist to stabilize the (longer) heavy bullets.</P>

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