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So they pulled someone over on an anonymous tip? He didn’t give his name?
Why not? I knew some people about 15 years ago, maybe more, ( CRAP! now I feel old!) who were raided by sheriffs, and ATF on an "anonymous" tip from someone that there had been automatic gun fire from his place. They raided while he was at work, and she was home with the kids. She had the 1yr old in the bath tub, and they drug her outside and hand cuffed her and held her at gun point for over an hour, and would not let her get the baby out of the tub. Their house was absolutly trashed, even broken furniture. All his guns were confiscated, and money they had in the house was taken. They found no automatic weapons, no parts, or even plans for automatic weapons. The guy didn't have anything and never had!

He was never arrested for anything, and no charges were ever filed. It took him months to get just some of his guns back. Several of them just disappeared. They had no record of them. The same with the money. They were not paid anything for any damage to their house. Fortunatly the baby was ok after being left unsupervised for over an hour in a bathtub.

All on an "anonymous" tip.
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