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It's not just my own home. It's my neighbors' homes. Committing arson in Texas is grounds for deadly force. I wouldn't wait for them to get to me. I'd take it to them. Our neighborhood is filled with gun owning folks that just would not put up with such crap. Besides, a lot of the people around here are elderly. I wouldn't just allow some lawless trash to set fire to their homes, with them possibly inside. What kind of neighbor would that make me?
And as someone else said earlier, mobs are generally poorly organized & led. As long as they're moving along unchallenged, they just keep moving. Once a few drop dead, and others are coated with brain matter from the dead, bets are it'd be a** holes & elbows to see who could get into reverse fastest. Oh yea, no warning shots.

Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the
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