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Churches came off original "prohibited list" on Sept. 1, 1997. Most applicable verbiage is last paragraph (an amendment) of 46.035.

Ever hear of a little town in Tejas named Honey Grove? It's an hour or two northeast of DFW. I've been out of state/out of touch for about two weeks, but just before I left, there was a news blurb about a shooting at church there on Sunday night that resulted in at least 4 dead ...

' Got into disagrement with old church friend back after law changed. He said sumthin to the effect of "It just turns my stomach to think some guy next to me in CHURCH has a gun in his pants." (Same guy - with no CHL- always carried .357 in door pocket of pickup truck ...) I responded something to the effect of "It turns MY stomach to think I might one day NEED to have a gun in church and NOT have one with me."

Personal choice. But, unless "effective notice" given, OK since 9-1-97. And, of all my CHL renwal students since, only 2 have mentioned seeing 30.06 signage at one.

And heck, I've got a 30-ish nephew who is an assistant pastor. His pastor has suggested that he get the training/license and CARRY in their church.
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