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#1: confession: I skipped ahead. May repeat what somebody else said. Not sure what Hollywood has planned, but I'm sure it's good.

#2: I'm 'rural': come my way w/a molotov cocktail better plan on putting it where I can't see it. One round of birdshot high over the mob. Eye injuries? Though! Next rounds (plural) are 00 buck, on target. If that don't turn 'em, Slugs until they're in handgun range. If I feel serious treat soon enough, it's the "long rifle" out to maybe 500yds.

#3: "They'll wish they'd dealt with the police": Chief detective to interested party in discussion R/T citizen backing up a cop: "They (citizen) aren't bound by the same rules as we (cop) are." "But what if he shoots somebody????" " I saw the whole thing---it was self-defense".

And that's the way it is in the hills!!

Ya' know: their (or parents) countries of orgin are 3rd world. Poor, dry, diesase ridden, etc. Thing may not be great in France but they're a helleva lot better than at "home".

Years ago in Hawaii someone asked guide re: homeless. "Hey: it gets down to 60 degress in winter, we have breadfruit, coconut, macadamia nuts, pineapple, fish, etc., etc." Yeah, France ain't Hawaii but quit your moaning and bitc--------

Stocking up on 00!
Stay safe.
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