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Home, home on the range... a bit long

Or at least it's beginning to feel like home, as much as I go over there!

Today was a day to get better control over the Bersa Thunder .380. My last range time was spent all at 15 yards, and I came home frustrated at my inability to really direct the shots where I wanted them. Granted, had I been shooting at a BG, yeah, he'd have been hurting (and as often as I shot high, he wouldn't have HAD a brain pan left! :barf: ) but that wasn't the point. I was trying for the bullseye, not for headshots that were supposed to be heart shots!!!

At any rate, today I sent about 150 rounds through the Bersa, and I certainly figured out how to use the sights (6 o'clock, for me) and that I need to compensate a wee bit to send the shots a little (and I mean LITTLE.... like 1/2-1 inch) to the right from where they're landing. That's data, and I can go with that and practice more.

Two things, though, distressed me. First, when I shot the XD-40, you'd have thought I'd never shot a .40 cal before! Ick! I used to be able to drill out the bullseye with that before I got the Bersa. Now, well, I need to figure out how to adjust from one to the other.

Second, I continue to have failure to feed issues. Yes, I had a couple more on the aftermarket magazines than the factory mag, but I had it there too. I know that "limp-wristing" can be a cause of that.

My questions:

(1) What is the best way to get to the point of being equally proficient with both guns? (I know...practice...what I want is suggestions of things to do when practicing.)

(2) This may sound stupid, but apart from the fact of the failure to feed issues, how do you know if you're limp-wristing? and how would you correct it or compensate for it?

Thanks, guys.

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