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Bud Helms
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DasBoot, how long does it take for a thread to reach two pages long? An hour? A day? If I am away from General Discussion for 10 or 12 hours, when I return, there's no telling what I'll find. Sometimes I'll let a thread go for a while to see if it turns in the right direction.

During an absence of moderators in any given forum for a few hours, you and some others may be here for most of that time and it may seem that an off topic post is just being ignored. Sometimes I'll pop in for a quick look and make sure no flame fests have broken out and then take off to finish some personal business to return later and do some better reading.

Most of the moderators here have very full lives and don't live here, even though TFL is near and dear to our hearts for a lot of reasons.

The rules are applied evenly here on TFL, but there is a lot of judgement involved. If we had a checklist to go by, it would be a lot easier ... and a lot less fun.

Read the posting policies and worry about DasBoot's posts. Staff will take care of the rest.

Has anyone here had to confront a armed intruder/assailant?
If so, please give details of how you handled it.
Proper forum for this would be Tactics and Training.
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