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I have a Rem 11 or two - or was it two barrels (one w/ poly choke) plus spare parts? Maybe I'/m thinking about my 1911 Winchester (which must be barrel-stroked to load the first round, thereby getting around the Browning semi-auto patent.> A friend has one in 16 with a Cutts and he got that one from me.

My latest rem 11 12 ga. has a spotty (putting it charitably) bore. Guy who sold it kept saying. "take a look at the bore" - which I finally did though I didn't expect it to be good. Some pitting and general crepidulation and as well in the chamber. That can be cured with an overbore job and new forcing cones. chamber can be cut and lined or just say "screw it" and schmoozle in a pool of hot liquid silver solder or something which you know you can cut and re-ream to better condition.

Gun fired OK but I had get used to the sound of all the parts scraping back and forth. Some baked on moly lube and other treatment would help. Reach me at [email protected] if you have any special needs or fiendishments for these guns.
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