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Wasn't going to be in town today, so yesterday I went by the cemetary across Ramsey Street from the VA hospital in Fayetteville, NC and spoke to my friend Dan Pitzer again. Dan died from complications of leukemia in 1995, while we were both working at the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Ft. Bragg.

Today I give thought to all those many others- my dad, a US Army Air Corps tech sergeant in WW2, my mother's father and our neighbors at home who were veterans of WW1, so many of my own family and my friends from a working career spent with the Army as a civilian. There are so many who served through all the years and wars, some of whom did not make it home and so many who have since departed. God bless them every one, and their loved ones too. The sacrifices are so tremendous both for those who serve and families who must give them up, either for a time or forever.

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