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Im rollin on the floor at most of these posts. Try what we did in (3rd) 3 miles in boots, weapons and backback (Flak, Kevlar, SAPI plates, holster and LBV load in there), tac up and start shooting. Everyone was shaking and throwing rounds off their first couple times out. Hand-to-Hand wise, same thing then tac and start doing hip throws, takedowns, ect the rest of the morning. Fun fun fun.
Physical fitness will only get you so far. Confidence in the skills one possesses will carry you a helluva lot further.
Regards and Semper Fi!
BTW My last PFT was 21:20 3-mile, 18 pull ups and 155 crunches. I need some improvement myself.
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"Just relax. Breath normally. All you should see is the front sight post. Ignore the the target. Wait for the pause between breaths and when you feel good about it...ease the trigger back."
-PMI Sgt. Hopkins, USMC
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