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Out of curiosity, why don't you send a non-descript vechile with someone who looks like they belong in the area. This vechile should be about 10 minutes ahead of the convoy to send back intel.

Of course you could also have a blackhawk scouting ahead, in sealth mode.

Once aware of the impending ambush, divert, and send in the gun ships...

I have also wondered why you don't use snipers more. Drop them off, let them observe and report. While "terrorist" is seting up IED, a round through the brain of the terrorist might be interesting.

Of course if one had some micorwave equipment, you might be able to fry out the electronics of the IED while said terrorist was getting ready to arm it, thereby blowing it "safely" up.

As for the kids, the sin is on the heads of the terrorist...
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