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gee whiz

Let me give you a dose of reality. A good dose is necessary from time to time.

I live 8 blocks from a gang area. One day or actually one night, working as back up to the local police, 13 drunk driving arrests are made within an area of 6 x 8 blocks. The black and white does not make it back to the station. A drunk rams it from behind.

Every night, there are gunshots from the same area.

When the riots came the last time, it was myself, an old lady, a boy scout and a female deputy holding down the Sheriff's substation.

A few years ago, there was a drug turf war between the Shoreline Crips and the V13 Gang. 13 kids were killed in 18 months.

In one night, the V13 Gang ran all of the Negro/black/colored families out the public housing known as Mar Vista Gardens.

Where is this? West Los Angeles, California, boys and girls.

The only thing that keeps you safe is that scumbags generally prey on their own families, their neighbors and the corner liquor store and don't come driving into your area.

So, I don't need a hypothetical from Paris. All I have to do is step outside - and if you were alert to what is going on in your own community, you would be aware of the same things.
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