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I have a disabled son, ALS. I'm not going to be able to run very fast. My wife and I, and the entire little development we live in, would probably stay. There are about 300 people here. It's only got one entrance, but would be accessible via the woods in other directions. I think that about 85% or better have at least one deer rifle, and a couple boxes of ammo. It would be a very warm welcome. I know of at least five Class 3 owners in here. Not counting me. My primary arm would be my M14, my wife would have my Reising Subgun. She is also partial to her Garand. We have enough .308, .30-06, and .45 ACP to fight a "protracted engagement". I also have enough .30-30, .44 Mag, 7mm Mag., etc. for the boys deer rifles.

You might get us, but it'll take a determined effort to do so. I wouldn't be asking why you're here, either. There isn't a rioter out there that I wouldn't kill. No discrimination here. You loot, I shoot.
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