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When Angry Clowns Attack.....

Ok, I am trying not to start a scenario battle since they will never happen the way we plan, but here is a quick story with a question. You are at where ever you are at.... NO ESCAPE, Natural Disaster to the north, Terrorist attacks to the south, Crazy Liberals to the west, and angry clowns to the east. You are trapped and forced to defend your position against stampeding shopping carts, rioters and the french. Without getting into the "I would load every weapon I own and arm my neighborhood" answer (albeit a good one, but I don't trust my neighbors) I imagine that one person could only operate and mantain a couple weapons while remaining mobile. Would you rather have a combo that works well together or the best of each realm and deal with a little bulkiness? For example, A Berretta CX4 Storm in .40, with matching pistol (maybe a second matching BUG) so that magazines could be loaded and interchanged with any weapon you have and effectively keeping more ammo..... Or say, AR-15 and a 1911 with a 11-87 Remington shotgun so you have multiple options of defense but hard to carry and plan ammunition usage. (3 or more type of ammo minimum..)?
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