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I am a Marine, and in my boot camp I had the same thing happen. I wasn't a fat-body in the first place, instead I was in pretty good shape. I still lost pullups, and overall strength and weight.
I went doing 12 pullups, left doing 10, and now (6 months after leaving) I do 19-20 depending on the day. I've got to call BS that you guys did a minimum of 25 deadhang pullups in bootcamp.
Well, I was wondering the same thing too.

I spent almost 15 years in the Army, and left as a Staff Sergeant. I led troops through PT and helped score APFT's a number of times.

I am familiar with the requirements and PFT's for the APFT, Airborne PFT and alternate events.

IIRC, the Airborne PT test requires only 3 pullups; other than that, it is a normal PFT.

I have never--repeat, NEVER--heard of 25 pullups as a requirement for ANY PFT in the Army. My son said he's never heard of one, either. He's getting back into the Marine Corps Reserve; just left the active component as a CPL, 4 years active Federal Service.

Dragun--won't you come back and explain to us how this might be so? After all, we COULD be mistaken.
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