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FYI, a law was just passed here in Texas a little over a month ago that allows you to have a handgun in your auto without having to have a CHL. Once you get out of the car with it you're in trouble, but using it from within the auto as a defensive device is where you are protected. I parked next to a phone booth about twenty miles out in the desert down on the rio grande one night, not a soul around for miles, and a car load of mexicans, five of them pulled up, looked at me and parked. the driver stepped out and stood by the car, two of them started around toward the back of my truck as the other ones were headed to the front, i came flying out with my service auto backing away from the truck to keep them from surrounding me. fortunately, they slid on the gravel trying to scramble back to the car. i covered them until they squauled out of there and finished my phone call to another officer i was talking to. bottom line... BE ALERT

protect yourself and your girl.
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