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Good Point ---

This definatly was NOT a hand on gun situation, no where even near, moreover if one is a "questionable" area dealing with "questionable" individuals (forgive me but that is about what I am getting out of this thread) than there is a fine line that seperates situational awarness and projecting a non-victim / confidant stance and projecting something provocative --- if they guy in the hooded shirt was a goblin --- not intent on harming you "just hang'in" seeing a gun reach / or even just a pat, combined with the wrong look from you might be enough to make a passing encounter into something more ---- aside from wanting to decondition yourself from reaching or touching your gun you will want to have the arto of looking without really looking down pat --- how to keep an eye on a suspected goblin (my dam truck takes forever to fill so sometiems I have all too long to sit and watch the comings and goings at an all night station) without them noticing your watchfull eye. A good excuse incase you fail always helps too --- I rode / drove one of those a few years ago or something else mildly complimentary and non-confrontational is always good.
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