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HAHAHAHAHAH!!! That's good Dwight! Can't wait to get my snake eyes outfit on!

A hellfire, from what I understand, is a sort of spring device that you can latch onto the trigger guard of a semi automatci gun. If you jerk your trigger finger the right way with the spring pressing against it, it will continually bounce your trigger finger against the trigger with ever shot fired as fast as possible, in effect legally turning your gun into a fully automatic weapon.
Never seen one in action, but I've heard a lot about them from other....well..."mall ninja" types
If nothing else, it would be fun to try out at the gun range.

Anyway, I say again, how does the hellfire compare with the fully auto? Tactically speaking, it would make good supression fire againts a large gang as seen in riots. I mean, the military has been using fully automatic weapons for the past century for a reason. It fortify's your position. Not trying to be a "mall ninja" here just throwing out an idea
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