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This deserves reposting:
"There are plenty of ways to get a pump to jam through operator error, and I'm not so egotistical that I'll rule that out. I have never had a failure with my Auto-5. Also, the Auto-5 can be reloaded without taking it out of the ready-to-fire state. This is probably true of some or most pumps, but I don't really know, not having any interest in pumps."

That said I'm NOT so sure about other autoloaders, seen too many finiky Benellis and 1100's , both of which I LIKE!
However my 870 combat weapons are as close to perfection in trained hands as I have seen. SOOOO:

I keep my mid 80's Robar modified 12.5" stocked, surefirelighted 18" 870P (and it's newer brother) hanging cruiser ready in the SAFES to follow up the initial response in the event of a gunjacking or other SHTF situation!
The customised Bennelli with light is near the bed or in the fortified bedroom closet if I'm not home. And the old "tactical A-5 Browning" ride around in the ranch truck/jeep
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