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Intrestingly enough (for those who have never shot one, at least), I've found that there's no real difference in effective rate of fire between a semi-auto shotgun and a pump shotgun, and I've done an awful lot of bird hunting with them, I speak from experience. The slide just doesn't take that much time to work. For that matter, when you work the slide while recovering from recoil, you'll find that by the time you have brought the gun back into sight you have already cycled the action. You just sorta get into a "rocking motion". Net rate of fire difference is negligable, in other words. With that in mind, I find that the pump is somewhat more reliable, less prone to malfunctions, and as such that is what I'd suggest. I'm used to using Remington 870's, that is what I know best, but I'm also aware that there's other good models on the market.
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