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Do you change your mode of carry with the seasons?

Does anyone here change their mode of carry between summer and winter?

I usually go from wearing a hip holster in the summer under a sport coat to wearing a shoulder holster in the winter.
1) it's hard to wear a shoulder holster in the summer, cuts off air circulation. In the winter, it actually keeps you warmer.
2) it's hard to wear a hip holster in the winter when you are wearing jackets and windbreakers in place of a longer but thinner sport coat.
3) Shoulder holsters look more militant and hostile to people (when they see you, like if someone comes over to the house while you have your coat off) than a hip holster. "OMGsh," they think, "why do you have that holster all over you!" On the other hand, with the coat on, they do conceal the gun a little better than a hip holster.
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