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Best kind of shotgun for a fight

I was watching this history channel the other day and they were talking about all sorts of guns for LEOs and for defense. A policeman told the HC camera that the most intimidating sound to a criminal is the **CHUCK! CHICK!** of a shotgun pump. A former policeman at the gunrange I frequently shoot at said something similar when I was looking at the ranges shotguns for sale. true as that may be...wouldn't the better choice of shotgun be a semi automatic rather than a pump?
You can fire rounds quicker with a semi auto. With a semi auto you just pull the trigger again, and again, and again taking aim (or with a shotgun just pointing in the general direction of the bad guys).
With a pump you have to 1) put your index finger on the pump release by the trigger, 2) pump the gun, 3) put your index finger back in the trigger guard, 4) and finally fire.

Am I missing something. I'll grant you I've never fired a pump shotgun with live rounds, only dryfired in the store.

Pump shotguns look cool and feel cool, but that's about it to me. For defense, it looks like they are my only option (I don't usually see a whole lot of short barreled semi auto shotguns in stores). Can someone convince me otherwise?
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