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Okay, I go to each neighbor's house, up and down the street (or call them) and tell them to get any firearm the have and bring it to a location down the street between our houses and the rioting. Anybody that doesn't have a gun of their own, they can borrow one of mine or someone else's. We use our cars to barracade the street, some of us get up on roof tops, some of us get behind the car barracade and open fire on rioters when their "football game" gets within range. We would also have some of our neighbors on the other end of the street taking similar positions.

We would keep the women and children barracaded up in one house at the center between each barracade locked in the house with a gun or two of their own with them to shoot any rioter who comes through the door if they get past us.

We would keep this position having a few men routinely check our houses up and down the street for rioters who have hopped a back fence from another street or something of that sort.

We would keep this postion fortified (between all of our houses, we should have enough food and water to last a good while) until law and order around the rest of the city has been restored.

Alone, our household has 2 remington 5 shot 12 gauge semi automatic shotguns, a single shot 12 gauge, a 14 round .22 caliber semi auto rifle, a 5 shot bolt action remington 30.06 rifle, an M-1 Carbine with four 50 round magazines and one fifteen round magazine, two Colt Official Police .38 pistols, One Colt Detective Special .38 pistol, one Springfield .45 G.I. Automatic, one S&W Model 10 4 inch, one S&W Model 10 two inch, one Cimmeron .45 Long pistol, one 1851 Navy .36, one Walker .44 Dragoon, and one S&W Model 28 Highway Patrolman .357 Magnum. ALL of those weapons and anything anyone else has available on the street would be in someone's hands (yes even the 2 black powder handguns...every shot counts ) and put to use against a rioter.
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