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I would stay put. Based on my geography and community.

We live on high ground --- a hill in the highest point of Los Angeles, with 50 - 75% of our boundary bounded by the Pacific Ocean. On the part that's not bounded by the ocean, there are only 5 main roads that the bad guys can use; everywhere else are hills and woods. And in my community of a couple hundred homes, there is only one main access road.

We have families that are well-armed and we can organize easily. We already have a community association, and a neighborhood watch and can easily communicate with each other among the 200-home community.

For any group to have a chance against us, I think they'd have to number in the thousands if not tens of thousands, just because of our position and arms. And they'd have to be well-organized, skilled, determined and well-armed. Some helicopters and airplanes might help against us, with some decent sized bombs or missiles.

And as a backup if our defenses fall, we can jump on boats and hightail it out, on the Pacific Ocean.
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