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Powderman has actually got it right. A mob of 50 or so is not really a big problem for 5 or 6 determined, capable defenders, especially if the defenders have rifles (or shotguns at closer range) and know how to use them. For that matter, a platoon (of about 40) or so of well trained and equiped soldiers can control a mob of thousands. Even 3 or 4 defenders can handle it (the 50 or so mob), although it gets dicey providing covering fire while reloading when you are under manned and the shooting starts. Anyway, point is, numbers aren't all that important. Mobs are by their nature cowards, and will go to the easiest prey. They are by their nature ill trained and ill lead. They do not have the motivation of protecting family & property, they have no reason to hold their ground. It is relatively easy to spot and target the leaders & instigators, and once those are neutralized the mob will disperse.
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