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Bug out. Maybe I could avoid the shooters by locking down, but mine is a frame home. Sooner or later, someone's going to torch it. Then what?

Interestingly, a mini version of this happened here back when (60's, I think) Racial tensions were high and a group of about a hundred marched through town, set a few fires, and generally raised hell. They approached an area of town we call the south end, that's separated from the rest of town by a high bank with railroad tracks. Only entry is via an underpass. The south end was populated by mostly good ol' boys, veterans and deer hunters. When the crowd approached the underpass, a bunch of guys with deer rifles suddenly appeared in the underpass and up on the bank. Bolts racked, and the crowd reversed direction... fast . The trick here was that these guys were crazy (I work with a couple of them today), most certainly would shoot, and the crowd knew it. No bluffing there!
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