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I would hole up at home; if you try to bug out after the "festivities" have started, you run the risk of being caught in traffic gridlock - not at all a good spot to try to fight/defend from.

If there were some lead time before things got really ugly, I'd go to Lowe's, buy sheets of 1/2" plywood, and board up all the windows/doors like a hurricane was coming, leaving a back door open for egress in case of fire.

I would patrol my little 1 acre kingdom armed with an AR15 and wearing an assault vest stuffed to the gills with loaded 30 round mags. Anyone that I don't know that comes on my property gets one verbal warning to leave and then gets smoked if they advance on me.

That would be my solution. Maybe it's not the perfect plan, but IMO it's a good plan. I hope it never comes to that, but you never know - we live in "interesting" times; anything is possible these days.
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