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Of course if there are 50 of them, and five or six of us, well, that's not great odds.
Only 50? Those are GREAT odds.

Remember that in any type of mass civil disobedience, there are only a few main instigators. Sometimes, they're in the front, sometimes they're not. Usually, they're cowards, especially when the action they advocate is lawless.

Hence, my response.

You should be able to tell if the mob has hostile or destructive intent long before they get to you. As soon as they are in vocal range (a bullhorn might be in order), one warning is issued: "Stop! Leave us alone, or I will shoot!" At that time, the safeties come off.

You should extablish a point of no return--a limit that the mob can not cross. Once they start crossing that with obviously hostile intent, BR Syndrome will take over. (BR=Black Rifle )

Take aimed shots at first. Once the mob sees people falling, they should disperse post haste. If not, that's where rapid fire comes in.
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