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Hmm -- I'm armed. My neighbor is armed. The guy 3 houses down is armed. Those are the ones I know of, anyway. Sounds like we've got the makings of a local neighborhood patrol, armed.

So, if the cops/NG can't take control, I guess that we'll have to do the jobs ourselves.

One problem with bugging out around here, in the sort of scenario brought up -- what makes me think that I'd be any safer bugging out than staying put? I'm in suburbia, surrounded by miles and miles of more suburbia. If it is happening here, and it is a general conflagration, there's no reason to believe that if I tried to bug out that I'd even make it to the freeway, which is miles away. Just think about all of the other people trying to bug out, the traffic arteries would be jammed. Lots of people essentially being caught out in the open with no means of fleeing, easy pickings for the maurauding gangs of thugs. No, thanks. I believe that we can take control of our neighborhood with what we have on hand.
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