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Reading Powderman's post, I suddenly realize, with a creeping state of anxiety, that I need more guns.
I'll try to scoop up as many as possible before the zombies and giant spiders get here.

I like how Powderman put it; "anyone within 50 feet gets a warning. Any hostile action=party time."

For me, if a riot were to break in the middle of Honolulu (highly unlikely), I'd....get on my motorcycle and get the hell on the freeway heading West as soon as I could, before **** hit the fan.

If I was 21 and had my future Springfield XD-9 and 6 inch Taurus .44 Raging Bull? I'm with Powderman on this one. I'd get on my balcony with the XD shoved in my pants. Raging Bull in hand loaded with the hottest .44 magnum. Anyone within....100 feet (I don't like invasions of my personal bubble) gets a shout. People proceeding to cross this 100 foot imaginary barrier gets a .44 round launched from my "Brazilian POS" aimed at their pelvis.
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