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My problem with your strategy is your stuff is going to spoil in 4 months and your assuming you will have electricity to keep stuff frozen. I was a sucked up by an earlier paranoia (terrorism). I went with the canned food route. Most canned food and bottled water will last 2 years or more. I have enough canned food and bottled water (I got 1 gallon per person per day) to last the family almost a week. I figured if the "you know what hits the fan" with the food in the house and the emergency supply, I could stretch it out for a month. Basically its canned veggies, fruit, beef stew, and pasta and meatballs, all of which could be eatten cold. I also got comfort stuff like instant coffee, koolaid mix for the kids, soap, first aid kit etc. I planned once a year I will buy a new stash, and put the year old stuff into the regular rotation in my kitchen cabinet, so the stuff will never go bad. It is a little more expensive, but easy to build up over the course of a few supermarket runs (talk to the wife, they always have canned food specials). When you look at what happened in New Orleans, and what is going on in the world with possible terrorist attacks and the boy scouts, its good to be prepared.

Don't worry. Your not a real paranoid bird flu guy....until you get some Tamaflu.
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