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Freeze Emergency Supplies?????

Long Story Short (sort of)... My wife and I have given in to the "Bird Flu Paranoia" and have insisted that we keep an ample supply of staples on hand. She works in the not so local mall and has "connections" that allow her to bring home the empty buckets from the "cookie place" that they get icing in. These vary from 5 gallon, 3 gallon and 1 gallon. They have an O-ring seal in the lid. Anyway, we clean the hell out of 'em and use them to store bulk sugar, flour and rice. She has just now told me on her breaks she read in a cooking book that these supplies should be frozen to last for any peroid of time (anything past 4 months). Is this correct????? Can anyone give me any realistic (cheap) suggestions for other stuff to keep on hand... We are on the great American limited budget and already keep the pantry heavily stocked w/canned goods. ANY suggestions and info would be greatly appreciated.......

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